Supplier for Greenery, Sustainable & Health

Our Goals

We aim to use our supply chains and networks to contribute to Greenery, Sustainable & Health related projects.

China<-->EU Logistics Specialists

We have very competitive logistics price between EU and China. We arrange 50+ train containers per week.

Trading Specialists

We have 7+ years of international trading experience.


Our team has strong networks in both Europe and Asia.


We are open to all kinds of cooperation.



Everything in the real world is interconnected with each other.

Europe < -- > Asian, American, Australia

We help customers who are in the area of greenery, sustainable and health to build strong connections between Europe and Asian, American, Australia.


We could arrange 50+ train containers per week between EU and China with a competitive price.

China & EU Distributors

We know well in Chinese and European market. We help customers to sell their products locally.


We are now helping with the coronavirus outbreak!

We can help to make fast order and delivery for masks, test kits, breathing machines, and coveralls and so on from our business partners and strong networks of China. Contact (Kevin)(Dutch, German, English) / (Astone)(Chinese, English) or email

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