Technologies for Greenery, Sustainable & Health

Our Goals

We aim to use our technologies and networks to contribute to Greenery, Sustainable & Health related projects.

AI Specialists

We are AI specialists in Blockchain, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Big Data.

Trading Specialists

We have 7+ years of international trading experience.


Our team has strong networks in both Europe and Asia.


We are open to all kinds of cooperation.


Made in Netherlands Face Mask Manufacture


What makes us different? - Made in the Netherlands - High quality control - Flexible labor - Local support - All types of certificates - Reduce risks of investment

Low-cost Salt Water Plant Wall Battery

Project number: MIETH20112 & VI20I028

Salt water plant wall battery concerns simple salt water batteries for use in plant walls at home. They have no hazardous materials in their construction and are non-toxic and they can not explode. In addition, they can be more deeply discharged with no damage to the battery. Moreover, salt water plant wall battery is low-cost and can be a generalized scale for family-based energy storage and can be easily installed as plant walls.

Plant Pixel

Project number: VI19IN049 (01-09-2019 -- 31-08-2020)

It’s already been proved that no city has enough green spaces so far, which causes health, social, environmental, and emotional issues. So, how can we attract people to plant more plants and bring more green to a city? The project aims to provide a solution to this problem.

City Trees Safety Evaluation System

Project number: MITH19116 (01-05-2019 -- 01-03-2020)

Trees are valuable parts of the urban environment however maintaining them can create a lot of problems. Unstable or sick trees in the city have less value as they or their branches can falling and dangerous. It is very important to find an automation solution such as by using drones in combination with artificial intelligence technologies to evaluate trees of the city digitally.


Everything in the real world is interconnected with each other, such as interpersonal relationships, computer network, geographic data, molecular structure models, etc. This connection forms a kind of interrelated data. Connection is the essence of data.

Europe < -- > Asian, American, Australia

International Trading. We help customers who are in the area of greenery, sustainable and health to build strong connections between Europe and Asian, American, Australia.

Big Data < -- > Processing

Data analysis. We have massive data and data processing capability in the area of greenery, sustainable and health. The data can be distributed processed based on our principal and subordinate mechanism.

AI < -- > Decentralized

Technology support. We open the DAI interface to support distributed artificial intelligence: Establish the alliance mechanism through the task platform; Obtain the alliance value by producing the alliance: Conduct asynchronous computation through sending limited tasks.


We are now helping with the coronavirus outbreak!

We can help to make fast order and delivery for masks, gloves, test kits, breathing machines, and coveralls and so on from our business partners and strong networks of China. Contact us by email

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